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A project to co-finance a photography exhibition “Norwegian Wood” by Luka Knežević . Strika and Jelena Mijić (Cultural Center Grad, Braće Krsmanović 4)

These photographs were taken in Norway and Denmark in Spring 2010. We would like to present the feel of Oslo and Copenhagen to the local public. We planned to print them on A2 (20 photos) and A3 (80 photos) 450gr Photo Rag paper on a proffesional Epson 3800 photo printer. For this, we need 500 euros. (Tecco PFR paper = 350 euro, Epson 3800 inks = 150 euro)

In the past 6 months, we have selected the photographs that will form the exhibition “Norwegian Wood” and made the final edit. We were also awarded a term (April 6th  – April 13th ) at the KC Grad gallery at their annual call for exhibitions. We haven’t succeded in obtaining funds necessary for printing the photographs. This is why we address you, our potential audience with a call to invest in the production of this exhibition.

This way of funding art projects is already established worldwide, the best example could be the website www.kickstarter.com. As far as we know, this is the first project of that kind in Serbia. By investing in the production of our exhibition, besides facilitating to make it happen, you are also sending a message that this type of financing art projects is possible. If this project turns out to be a success, it could be a start of a new model of financing the art production in Serbia, one that is not overly dependant on institutions, but primarily depends on audience, which through investing in projects gets a chance to develop the art scene, but also to currate it, by chosing which of the projects to finance

Everyone who invests in the production of  “Norwegian Wood” exhibition in the sum of:

5 euro – will receive a postcard with a photo from the exhibtion to their home address
10 euro -  will receive a reproduction of one of the photographs from the exhibition (of their own choice) sized A4 (printed by the author on high quality photo paper)
20 euro – will receive a photograph of their own choice from the exhibition (A3 sized)
50 euro – will receive a photograph of their own choice from the exhibition (A2 sized)
100 euro – will receive a hand-made book of photographs from the exhibition
(everyone who invests will receive a pdf file containing all the exhibition photos in advance in order to be able to choose theirs)

If you wish to participate, send us an e-mail at izlozba.norveska@gmail.com
(we will collect the money you invest personally)

The project deadline is February 23rd 2011.

Thank you for your interest and support

Luka Knežević - Strika (www.lukaknezevicstrika.com)
Jelena Mijić (www.flickr.com/jela)